2D Fantasy GUI Elements (User Interfaces)

This set contains:

48 icons in large resolution, 4 tints in .png files and a .psd files allowing extensive modification

A set of square and rectangular buttons (normal and wide) in four basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow) each with four states (resting, pressed, hover and disabled).

A set of core panel elements in .png format as well as a source very large resolution .psd that allows you to extensively edit and modify these panels.

Recommended font is Lithos Pro Black.
Files are raster only but I did my best to make them easy to edit, change width/height and adjust colors.

Have fun!

Oh! And if you use this set and manage to get your game lauched in a store or on display somwhere – tell me! If it looks good and/or is fun to play I’ll gladly spread the word.

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