3D Explainer Toolkit V1 (Commercials)

3D Explainer Toolkit V1 (Commercials)

3D Explainer Toolkit

3D explainer toolkit V1 is a huge bundle of real 3D animated elements pre-rendered for use in After Effects. The template contains more than 300 real 3D elements which can be used to create your desired scene. It also comes with 27 character animations for each of the 5 characters currently in version 1. It’s easy to change colors, and create unique environments based on the elements in the pack. We will be publishing updates, and also separate add-on projects with new characters, animations and icons. Missing any particular character animation or icon for your project? Just contact us through the profile page and we’ll be happy to help you free of cost or for a tiny fee if it involves complex animation.


  • Simple Drag & Drop characters and elements to your composition to create the desired scene.
  • Very light weight project to work with in After Effects, since it involves almost no keyframing.
  • Change Colors (Characters, Environments, Icons)
  • Add or remove individual elements in each Environment
  • No plug-ins Required
  • Easy Customization
  • Well Organized and Modular Structure
  • Video Tutorials Included

Package includes:

  • 3D Explainer Toolkit (Aftereffects file)
  • Pre-rendered sequences
  • Elements Guides
  • Sample Voice-over file in preview video
  • Tutorials


The music in demo is not included. You can purchase theme here: Happy Song Fun


We would love to hear from you on your experience using the template, and how we can make it better. So please give the project a rating (hopefully 5 star) with your comments. Thank you!

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