64×64 Acttion rpg gamepack (spritesheets) (Sprites)

All you need to create an action RPG game, the Gamepack features GFX destined for instant us !

The pack comes with A 64×64 Hero character featuring 6 animations that are:

– Walking down

– Walking up

– Walking right (reverse for left)

– Hitting down

– Hitting up

– Hitting right (reverse for left)

4 foes with animations that are:

- Knight walking
- Warlock Walking
- Warlock Casting magic
- Bandit Walking
- Bandit htting
- Slime walking

6 Ui elements featuring:

– Hero avatar
– HP bar
– Mp bar
– 2 Item Boxes
– 3 Items

The zip file contains both pngs and psds,

Hope you will enjoy this pack, you can see other gamepacks under my profile page :) 64x64 Acttion rpg gamepack (spritesheets) (Sprites)

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