8 Game Backgrounds Set 5 (Backgrounds)

8 game backgrounds. Folder contains Ai file (2 files), EPS file (2 files), JPG file (8 files), PSD file (9 files) and PNG file (9 files). Also you will get Ai file, EPS file and PNG file with all objects separately. You can edit Ai file in Adobe Illustrator CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5,5, CS6, CC and other vector editors. PSD files are layered so you can easy create parallax effect for your game. Great for platformers, ranners etc.

    castle wall;
    1. graveyard;
      1. cave;
        1. park with bushes;
          1. park with bushes at night;
            1. field at day;
              1. prison;
                1. forest;

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