Animated Toon Animals (Sprites)

70 animated toon animals.

Animated Toon Animals (Sprites)

Animated Toon Animals (Sprites) Animated Toon Animals (Sprites)
  • Frame size: 200×200 pix.
  • Animations are in 25 frames in 5×5 (1000×1000 pix) spritesheets.
  • PNG, 32 bit with alpha channel, optimized

Animated Toon Animals (Sprites)

Also spritesheets for Corona SDK included.

Adobe After Effects projects included. Open project, link AI file of the animal and you are ready to do your own animations or change my.

Vector animal are in AI and EPS file formals. Animals divided into separate parts, properly named (head, nose, eye, ear, leg, tail.. etc), ready for easy export for other anitation editors for games ( Spine etc ).

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