Azuma UI – New Modern User Interface Design (User Interfaces)

Azuma is a basic user interface!

If you want an special item, contact me and I will create for you.Without additional cost!

Designed to be easy to use with minimal design and very clean, Azuma UI can be the best choice for your project!

Being intuitive and easy to handle for summer use will make the experience more enjoyable every user!

Created in 1170 Bootstrap Grid system, it is easy to assemble and worked with. Utilizing a nice font and beautiful icons, Azuma is the best choice you can make!

Azuma is very easy to customize, any element has been carefully designed to be placed in any design! You can customize any element of it absolutely easy. Icons, fonts, colors, shapes can be edited and customized with just a few clicks in a very short time!

Containing over 20 of the necessary elements to start and finish a project easily, Azuma is a perfect choice!

It contains the following elements:

4. Menus
1. Chat Box
1. Mini Profile
1. Video and Audio Player
2. Quick Post
2. Price tabs
1.Contact Form
1. Calendar

And other elements such as buttons, search box, login form, etc!

Possible updates soon!

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