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This Graphic Pack is used inClassic Bowling
You can try the game here

What Will You Get?

Sources Folder containing:

  • Bg_game_compo(.aep)
  • Bg_menu (.psd)
  • Bowling Track Color Correction (.psd)
  • Classic Bowling Gui (.psd)
  • Effect Arrow Sprite (.psd)
  • Monitor (.psd)
  • Pin Binder Sprite (.psd)
  • Pins Sprite (.psd)
  • Power Bar (.psd)
  • Semaphore (.psd)
  • Turn Board (.psd)
  • Effect Bar Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Monitor Gutterball Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Monitor Spare Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Monitor Strike Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Pin Animation Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Pin Binder Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Player Animation Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Parquet (.tga)
  • Ref (jpg)
  • Turn Board (.jpg)
  • Ball(.png)
  • Ball Ref(.png)
  • Frame Monitor(.png)
  • Green On(.png)
  • Menu_1/Menu_2/Menu_3(.png)
  • Pattern Monitor(.png)
  • Pin(.png)
  • Red On(.png)
  • Reflection(.png)
  • Turn Board(.png)

Sprites Folder containing:

  • Background Elements (.png)
  • Player Animation Sprites Sequence (.png)
  • Backgorund Menu (.jpg)
  • Arrow_left/Arrow_right (.png)
  • Audio Icon (.png)
  • Ball (.png)
  • Ball Ref (.png)
  • Bg Help (.png)
  • Button Continue (.png)
  • Button Exit (.png)
  • Button Home (.png)
  • Button Info (.png)
  • Button Not (.png)
  • Button Play (.png)
  • Button Restart (.png)
  • Button Yes (.png)
  • Effect Arrow (.png)
  • Message Box (.png)
  • Score Board (.png)
  • Semaphore (.png)
  • Turn Board (.png)

Adobe Creator Sofware Used: CS6

The fonts used is :

  • Infinite Justice

You can download it here

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