Creativelife Flat Mobile App UI (User Interfaces)

About Creativelife

Creativelife is iOS8 based mail app UI for developers and designers to speed up their design & development process. It’s higly editable, full vector shapes, icons and iOS colors.

Main Features
– 09 screens
– Full UI Cases (Slide options, pop actions etc..)
– Grouped Layers
– Smart Objects
– Completely editable layers, icons, button and shapes are vector
– Retinal Display – True Retina 750×1334 Resolution

Application Features
– Mail
– Contacts

PSD Files Includes
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Resources used

Font:  Helvetica :

Significant Notes
Some image(s) such as people images, background images are not included in the download package. They are used for preview purposes only!
Brand/Company names are only used for live demonstration purposes!
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