Fash – A Mobile E-Commerce Shop UI Design Kit (User Interfaces)

Fash. is your perfect clean iOS8 Mobile E-Commerce Shop Ui Design Kit. It comes with an eyecatching style focussing on awesome mobile shopping experiences on mobile devices. It’s optimized order and checkout process provides you the best components to start your own mobile E-Commerce from scratch.

6$ worth stylish icons from icons8.com included!


– Beautiful flat and clean iOS8 Design style
– Easily create your new mobile E-Commerce shop app in minutes (See Example)
– Easy to edit and well organized templates
– Full design consistency
– 6$ worth icons by icons8.net included for use
– Full order and checkout process included. Conversion optimized based 6years of mobile conversion experience

What’s included:

• 24 awesome psd templates included
• 14 fully usable icons8.net icons (worth 6$)
• Perfect design consistency
• Templates for Login, Home, Product Categories, Product Details, Overlays, Order, Payment, Errors, etc.
• Fully crafted with PS6+ vector shapes
• Perfectly organized assets & layers
• Bonus: 2 Screens for examples of customizing design for any ecommerce app in minutes
• iOS8 and iPhone 6 (Plus) compatible
• Conversion optimized checkout process
• Free updates forever

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