Flat Device Mockup Set – Including Apple Watch (Displays)

This Flat Device Mockup Set is simple to use, easy to implement, and ready for any project. This set includes that latest devices on the market, including the all-new Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and the Nexus 5. The design of this set is minimal, clean, and accurate in representation of the devices. The devices in this set include: the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch Edition, the standard version of The Apple Watch, the MacBook Pro, the iPad, the iPhone, the iMac, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Nexus 5, and more are yet to come.

This mockup set is ready to use with 19 editable mockup PSDs included in your download. By following the PDF support document included, adding your own logos or screenshots is very simple. We hope that you’ll have as much joy using it as we did creating it.

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