Inventory Potion Food And Consumable Icons

Author: YusufArtunPrice: $10.00

Set of 110 realistic inventory,potion,food and consumable icons. Suitable for especially RPG, strategy, crafting, builder, survival games or any genre and platform in general.

Set consists of various inventory icons such as backpacks, various kinds of gear, different types of potions, food and drinks, oils, bombs, traps, runes, scrolls, saddles, horse armor, speelbooks, recipes, and some misc items.

Each icon is exported as a 300×300 PNG file with background, with the glow on transparent background and a raw icon with no effects on transparent background (Three different versions in total, ready to be used)

Also a PSD file containing all the icons together with the layer style which you can modify or disable is included in the package.

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