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MyDesk-600 mydesk minimalist 0

mydesk minimalist

  MyDesk is a set of flat items,all created in Photoshop.Objects included: Macbook Pro, mouse, camera, iPhone, iPad, the holy book, papers, pencil, portable HDD, credit card, coffee, cigarettes, Zippo, watch, glasses, keys, Apple...

minimize-ui-kit-preview Minimize UI Kit 0

Minimize UI Kit

  Very basic PSD that can be a great starting point when creating your own design. All elements are in vector format so you can resize to fit your own needs. find it here

flatastic-mobile-ui-600 Flatastic Mobile UI Kit 0

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

  Large user interface kit containing hundreds of mobile ui elements, which will help you design mobile apps in Photoshop with ease. find it here

hexal-portfolio-template hexal-psd-portfolio-template 0


  Hexal is a single page portfolio template that came out as a by product of various design experimentations with hexagons.  find it here

ecommerce-psd-template E-Commerce Theme Concept 0

E-Commerce Theme Concept

  Bloom is a colourful theme concept you can inspire to for creating an ecommerce website. find it here