Papa Garden Mobile App (User Interfaces)

Papa’Garden Mobile App

If you are looking for an app in which you can find information on organic vegetables, use Papa’s Garden. True to its name, while using the app, you will step into a garden filled with fresh organic and green food, with bright images and crisp graphics. Information on organic vegetables, news about the food, cooking tips and hints, where to buy fresh food, Papa’s Garden has all of them. Flat language design reconciles with rich content, you will be satisfied. Fresh all the time!

Include 27 PSD file screen.

• 01_splash.psd
• 02_walkthroughs#1.psd
• 03_walkthroughs#2.psd
• 04_walkthroughs#3.psd
• 05_Signup_Step 1.psd
• 06_Sign in.psd
• 07_Home.psd
• 08_Sidebar.psd
• 09_Organic_news.psd
• 10_Organic_news_detail.psd
• 11_My Favorites.psd
• 12_History.psd
• 13_Food Market-Vegetable.psd
• 14_Food Market-Fruit.psd
• 15_Food Market-seafood.psd
• 16_Detail.psd
• 17_Cart.psd
• 18_Check out.psd
• 19_Kitchen breakfast.psd
• 20_Kitchen Lunch.psd
• 21_Kitchen breakfast list1.psd
• 22_Kitchen breakfast list.psd
• 23_Kitchen breakfast _tips Detail.psd
• 24_Kitchen breakfast _tips Detail2.psd
• 25_Kitchen breakfast _tips Gallery.psd
• 26_Kitchen breakfast _Step by step.psd
• 27_Kitchen breakfast _Video.psd

Free google font: Poppins, Playfair Display
Image stock:
NOTE: All images a just used for preview purpose only and not included in the PSD files.

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