Pixel Art Parallax Woods Pack

Author: CleanCutGamesPrice: $4.00

Create awesome looking pixel art games with this high quality parallax background! Skillfully created by an experienced pixel artist, this background has 7 separate layers to allow a deeply customizable parallax effect as well as various animated eye candy, to give more life to the scene!

Note : The characters shown in the screenshots are taken from our other pack, Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters Pack. Check it out of you are looking for gorgeous pixel-art animated characters and enemies!

This pack includes :

  • 7 separate layers for the parallax, ranging from far away trees to close, foreground speeding bushes
  • 2 different animated birds to add to the background inbetween the layers, giving life to the scene
  • 4 different kind of animated plants, moving as the wind blows over the scene
  • 2 different rocks
  • 3 godrays of various width, giving some brightness and sun to the scene. Tip : add them inbetween the far layers with a low opacity, and make them lazily move left and right, very slowly. The effect is beautiful and gives a whole atmosphere to the scene!

Let us know what you think of this pack, and feel free to contact us for support!

Font in the pictures is Lady Radical, by Checkered Ink

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