Punch Presentation Template for Business (PowerPoint Templates)

Punch is a clean and corporate PowerPoint template that can fits perfectly for your business presentation. It comes with 86+ unique sliders. You don’t need to waste much time for make changes on it and you’ll feel happy. I’m providing you multiple variations of services, team styles and charts. You can choose anyone of them and edit for your need such as changing number values on charts, add new slides, replace icons, move icons position, resize shapes, arrange charts. All those are effortless. It’s easy to change circle charts fill and it comes with 16:9 and 4:3 proportions. 7 colors, Included PPTX and PPT versions as well. Used images: The images used in poster are just for demonstration purpose and you won’t get them in download. If you want to use them on your slide, you can purchase them on PhotoDune.net site. Used fonts: Segoe UI Lith, Segoe UI Simplebold, Icons fond http://ionicons.com/cheatsheet.html

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