YabaDuSaur – Game Kit (Game Kits)

Complete set of 2D game asset kits.

– about 100 elements of GUI with virtual d-pad buttons

– Full HD

– Numbers are hand made

– Available file format: EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG

– 2 players characters with animations of: attacking, animation when attacked, two types of walking, runing, jumping, super jumping, throwing, animation of death

– 6 enemy characters. 4 characters with animations of: walking, runing, attacking, animation when attacked, death and 2 characters with animation of flying, attacking, when attacked, death

– special items, background elements with animations

YabaDuSaur - Game Kit (Game Kits)

YabaDuSaur - Game Kit (Game Kits)
YabaDuSaur - Game Kit (Game Kits)

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