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2D Game Reaper Character #000 (Sprites)


2D Game Character Knight,Warrior

2D Game Character Knight,Warrior

2D Game Character Knight,Warrior

2D GAME ASSET: Reaper Character #000 Sprite Sheets
A clean, flat color, cartoon design. This game character asset is suitable for most 2D games.

  1. Platform
  2. Side Scroller
  3. Beat em UP
  4. Tower Defense
  5. Fortress Defense
  6. Battle Cards
  7. Match3 Heroes


  1. Reaper Character in Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
    – individually layered body parts
  2. Reaper Character sprite sheet in Transparent Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  3. Reaper Character animated Graphics Interchange Format previews 30 FPS (GIF)
  4. Reaper Character Spine Runtime (JSON)
    – Works on over 40+ game making platforms
    – Easily change body parts through code.
    – Manipulate animation through code (eg. Weapons/Hands will aim and follow the mouse pointer).

All characters will be updated when a new animations and effects becomes available along with bug fixes through user feedback.

  1. Idle
  2. Idle Combat
  3. Idle Crouch
  4. Move Walk
  5. Move Run
  6. Move Dash
  7. Move Slide
  8. Move Jump
  9. Hit
  10. Hit Stun
  11. Hit Fall
  12. Hit Rise
  13. Hit Death
  14. Attack Light
  15. Attack Medium
  16. Attack Heavy
  17. Attack Cast

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