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Baseball Pro Game Assets (Game Assets)



This Graphic Pack is used in Baseball Pro
You can try the game here

What Will You Get?

Sources Folder containing:

  • Baseball Game Layered(.psd)
  • Area(.png)
  • Field(.png)
  • Menu Batter(.png)
  • Batter Batting Sprites Sequence(.png) 1128×1000
  • Batter Batting Sprites Sequence(.png) 564×500
  • Batter Idle Sprites Sequence(.png) 556×898
  • Batter Idle Sprites Sequence(.png) 278×449
  • Pitcher Sprites Sequence(.png) 420×428
  • Pitcher Sprites Sequence(.png) 210×214

Sprites Folder (containing:)

  • Background Game (.jpg)
  • Background Menu (.jpg)
  • Menu Screen Reference(.jpg)
  • Air View(.jpg)
  • Audio Icon(.png)
  • Button Exit(.png)
  • Button Play(.png)
  • Start Message(.png)
  • Strike Message(.png)
  • Message Box(.png)
  • 1/2/3(.png)
  • Area Bottom(.png)
  • Area Top(.png)
  • Crowd Left(.png)
  • Crowd Right(.png)
  • Score Panel(.png)
  • Logo Menu(.png)

Adobe Creator Sofware Used: CS6

The fonts used are :

  • Sports Jersey
    You can download it here

  • Brannboll
    You can download it here

  • Broken Detroit
    You can download it here

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