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Basement iOS Wireframe Kit: 110+ App Screens for Photoshop (User Interfaces)



Basement iOS is an expertly crafted wireframe kit for effortless prototyping and mobile app design assistance. Basement Social & Ecommerce consists of more than 110+ ready-to-use screens that can help you save time and energy in designing your next app, or mobile site. All screens and elements are fully customizable, well-organized and come in Photoshop app format


  • 110+ ready-to-use App screens.
  • VECTOR SHAPES: All elements, icons and masks are made using Shape Layers. Resize any object for Retina resolution.
  • GOOGLE FONTS: All fonts used in Basement iOS are free and easy to find via Google Fonts.
  • EASY TO FIND: Every component is properly named and organized in smart layer structure with groups and subgroups.


60+ ready-to-use screens


  1. Walkthrough
  2. Sign In/Sign Up
  3. Feed
  4. Profile
  5. Navigation
  6. Miscellaneous


50+ ready-to-use screens


  1. Feed
  2. Product Cards
  3. Cart/Checkout
  4. Navigation
  5. Miscellaneous

Fonts Used
You need to install below font before use Basement iOS

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