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Bonjour Restaurant Mobile App (User Interfaces)


Bonjour Restaurant Mobile App

Bonjour helps you make reservations at the finest restaurants. Wherever you are, Bonjour will also show you the best places to eat, food and drink, suitable for each option at each moment. With the language of flat design, vivid and authentic visuals, iOS users will find it easy to search, check restaurants, based on the purpose they desire. Flexible design, vivid, eye-catching images, this is a restaurant app interface that you always want to use.

Include 16 PSD file screen.

• BJ_About.psd
• BJ_booking_confirm.psd
• BJ_booking.psd
• BJ_Chef.psd
• BJ_Drink.psd
• BJ_Event.psd
• BJ_Food.psd
• BJ_Map.psd
• BJ_Menu.psd
• BJ_Shop.psd
• BJ_SignIn.psd
• BJ_SignUp.psd
• BJ_Store.psd
• BJ_Video.psd
• BJ_VideoMore.psd
• BJ_VIDIntro.psd

Free google font: Pacifico, Rubik
icon: http://zavoloklom.github.io/material-design-iconic-font/cheatsheet.html
Image stock: thestocks.im
NOTE: All images a just used for preview purpose only and not included in the PSD files.


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