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Car Game Set (Game Kits)


Car/Racing Game Set

Create a fun racing game with pixel cars. With lots of differant pixel cars and color variation this game asset has lots of potential.

What’s Included

  • Pixel Frames
  • Cars, cars and more cars. Exactly 18 different cars in 8 exported colors.
  • Tiles – Road parts, bridge and jump and more.
  • Objects – Tree, barrel and a cone.
  • Decoration – Some road decoration and grass parts to help create a cool map
  • Effects – Hit, Explosions and Nitro.
  • Example Map – Get started quickly
  • Touch controls – Just to get you started with some mobile development.

Game developers

We love to see what all talented people can create with this. So all game developers out there, we hope this will help you a lot and do not forget to send us a message about your awesome game that you created. Don’t forget to follow us here.

Stop reading and go create some awesome games.


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