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Explainer Video Toolkit 3 (Commercials)


Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is the biggest and the most advanced template for
explainer videos avaliable today. With explainer video toolkit 3 you can build unique, engaging
and professional explainer videos for almost any kind of business. This new
version is so easy to use, that majority of time you only need to drag and drop
elements or animation presets into your scenes. Simple as that! You can have your video up and
running within just a few minutes. Interesting fact is, that elements were built 100% in After
Effects so you have full access to all layers, effects and you don’t need any other software to use
the template. It has a clean trendy design so it is easy to find and buy more
high quality graphics for your story from other artists! Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is easy
to use even for beginners.
Tutorial folder contains 18 short tutorials (average length
2m30s) which will teach you how to use every kind of elements. We have created 2 short
explainer videos so you can see how amazing explainer video toolkit 3 is. PS. More short
explainer videos and free updates are comming soon!


  • 1000+ Elements!
  • 100% After Effects! Everything is customizable.
  • Helpful notes inside the template
  • 18 Short video tutorials (Average time 2m 30s)
  • Completly editable animations, style, timing and fonts
  • 100% Vector graphics (1080p or any higher resolution is possible)
  • Tested After Effects CS6, CC compability!

    This notice is only for Mac users with After Effects CC2017 (14.0)
    This version of After Effects (14.0) has a new bug which may give you an error:

    After Effects: Can’t assign 0.000MB of memory. Reduce the memory requirements for processing this frame or install more RAM (12803 / U_MemTrackedObject For more information check www.adobe.com/go/learn_ae_mem_es

    This error occurs even if you have enough RAM to run the template. Unfortunatelly this is After Effects bug and not a fault of the EVT3 so we don’t have control over this bug.

    Recommendation: To avoid this problem, run the template on any older version of AE (the best choice is AE CC (13.xx) or AE CS6)



Email us if you want to know more about voiceovers ;)
Audio files are not included in the template however you can download them here:


This template woldn’t be possible without an awesome script for After Effects called DUIK. With
duik you can rig your own characters, control your animations and much much more (learn more
on official duik website). Big shout out to NICOLAS DUFRESNE!


We reccommend to download fonts used in the template from offficial google font sites:


22/11/2016 – Update 3.2

1. Added HTML Catalogoue
2. Fixed Animation Presets


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