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Hero Banner Maker (Hero Images)


Create banners quickly & easily with Hero Maker

With Hero Maker, I set out to create a collection of images that I would want to use in my own projects. That meant sourcing all the objects and taking every single photograph myself. The result is my biggest and best product yet.

Contained in the PSD file is over 300 images, combine that with backgrounds and effects and you’re ready to create awesome banner images in minutes.

First impressions really do matter

Your homepage is the first thing a visitor sees—It’s your virtual front door. Create a better first impression that tells your story. Draw your customers in and really connect with them.

Showcase your creative talent

It’s not limited to banners, use it for presentations, social covers, online shops, mockups or to just showcase your creative talent.

Drag, drop, move—done.

Find the object. Turn it on and drag it to where you want—job done. Want to change the background? No problem, every object has transparency, images will work with any background.

What objects are included

Notebooks and journals
Pens & pencils
Paint brushes
Food and fruit
Drinks and glasses
Laptops and cables
Office toys
Retro items
Plus many, many more
Free lifetime updates

As I source more objects, I will add them to the pack, so you can get them for free.

File information

Everything is in one PSD file, it’s packed with over 700mb of images. The file has been tested in photoshop cs upwards, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work in older versions. The file dimension is 2006×1358 at 100 DPI.

There are no fonts in this pack, what you see is for demo screens only.

More information at http://bit.ly/hero-maker


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