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Isometric Tileset – Map Creation Pack (Tilesets)


Description :

This pack contains 252 tiles (divided into 8 “ready to use” tileset) that you can use to create an Isometric Map for you game, or your project.
You can use this pack your isometric RPG/MMORPG, of anything else.

Change the color, opacity or size :

This pack contains 91 grass, sand and rock tiles, and 21 moutains tiles, and you can change the opacity and color very easily to create different and unique maps.
But this pack also contains many various isolated vector objects : 28 trees, 49 stone paths and little rocks, 9 buildings and mines, 14 farms/fields and 40 storage and various ressources (silver, gold and copper, woods, crates and barrels) allowing you to change the size of any object.

8 PSD and 8 PNG included.

Your own map after 5 minutes :

You can make your own map with the open source soft “Tiled Map Editor” (available at http://www.mapeditor.org/)
But, of course, you also can use your favorite editor.

Support : Contact me at https://1.envato.market/c/1206159/523004/4415?u=http%3A%2F%2Fgraphicriver.net%2Fuser%2Feldamien


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