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Lizar – Modern Web User Interface (User Interfaces)


This it’s a basic UI, for build blogs, sites, APPs and so on.

All elements are build in 1170 Boostrap Grid System, that made to be easy to make it responsive.

All files are organized in Groups and Subgroups, each one of them meanigful named like this: Chat, Single Image,
Blog Post 1 – Big, Price Table 1, Slider / Banner, and so on.

This is a demo of group structure – it’s can variate depends of complexity of the element – :

> Blog Post 1 – Big >
= > Img > Place for image (empty rectangle)
=== > Title >
=====> Meta > Text Layers
=====> Text Layer (Title)
=====> Line Shape (sep)
=== > Text Layer (paragraph)
=== > Btn >
=====> Text Layer
=====> Rectangle
=== > Rectangle (base rectangle)

Elements that you will find in this PSD: 2 Navbars, 2 Price Tables, 1 Slider/Banner, 1 Login Form, 1 Chat Interface, 1 Music Player, 1 video Player, 1 Categories, Extrass, 2 Blog Posts, 1 Comments Form, 1 Tabs, 1 Mega Menu, 1 Accordions.

All elements in this UI are easy editable! Every item from icons to shapes are easy customizable.

If you need any kind of help or you need an custom item that is not in the actual package and you need it,
feel free to get it touch with me at ::: [email protected] :::, and I will help you with pleasure.

Images are not include! All resources that I used are in the Help file.


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