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Modern Comp GUI Kit (User Interfaces)


Modern Comp GUI Kit Vol.1

The modern style graphics for your audio UI.


This kit will be an excellent helper for quick creation of your project. It has a comfortable and pleasant working panel, faders, buttons, switchers, big screen and a lot more for your personal and commercial usage.  All elements are fully integrated with Photoshop in PSD files.


  1. 2 PSD files 633X603 and 1266X1216
  2. 2 color schemes
  3. GUI files as separate png files
  4. GUI files for animation as png files and filmstrips accoring to NI Kontakt, UVI and other major VST platforms development guides
  5. 3 types of knobs (big, medium and small) 
  6. 2 types of buttons
  7. a fader and 2 meters
  8. switcher and led indicators
  9. big screen

A simple video showing the content. 


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