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Monday PowerPoint Template (PowerPoint Templates)


Monday is a powerful and modern powerpoint template contains 500 total unique and fresh slides with custom and clean design, for multipurpose presentation business or personal use, such a creative industry, technology, finance, etc. All elements are editable from a shape to colour no need another software to edit it, all presentations include an animated slide and transitions.

Monday PowerPoint Template

  • 500 Totals Unique and Modern Slides
  • 16:9 Widescreen Size
  • 60+ Pre-made Colour Themes (XML files), with Unlimited Custom Colours
  • 1500+ Vector Icons
  • Well Documentation (PDF with Video Tutorial)

60 theme colours


  • 10 Cover Slides
  • 74 Generic Slides (table of contents, about, statistic, service, process, pricing table, cv, team, contact, client)
  • 52 Product Showcases Slides
  • 60 Mockup Slides (tablet, laptop, mobile phone, browser, poster frame, watch)
  • 20 Tables Slides (text, number, rating, rangking, time table, comparison, harvey balls)
  • 30 Time & Planning Slides (timeline, road mapping, study plan, project plan, gantt chart, time table, pert chart)
  • 50 Maps & Flags of Asia (afganistan, bahrain, bangladesh, bhutan, brunei darussalam, cambodia, china, india, indonesia, iran, israel, japan, jordan, kazakhstan, kuwait, kyrgyzstan, laos, lebanon, malaysia, mongolia, myanmar, nepal, north korea, oman, pakistan, philippines, qatar, saudi arabia, singapore, south korea, sri lanka, iraq, syria, tajikistan, thailand, timor leste, turkmenistan, united arab emirates, uzbekistan, vietnam, yemen, hongkong, macau, palestine, taiwan)
  • 20 Processes & Flows Slides (stair, arrow, fishbone, circle, rectangle, snake diagram)
  • 136 Charts & Diagram Slides (arrow, cubes, org chart, cylinders, hexagon, gear wheels, radial chart, puzzles, pyramids, rings, circle, layers, onion chart, pentagon, funnels, triangle, swot analysis, ribbon, venn diagram, house, boomerang, mind mapping, balanced scorecard, ge matrix, ansoff growth matrix, 7s model, globe, tree diagram, diamond, iceberg, helix chart, chain diagram, ladder, umbrella, cycle, mountain, thermometer, dashboard, bubble chart, doughnut chart, pie chart, bar chart, area chart, column chart, line chart, spider chart)
  • 20 Infographics Slides (social media, social battle, key of success, flight graph, sca’s social, brain, network, shopping, creative agency, the anatomy, travel, building, transport, blood, creative brief, leader v boss, how to raise child, online threats, electricity, energy)
  • 20 Business & Marketing Slides (product plan, change management, project plan, strategy management)
  • 7 Break Slides

cover slides
generic slides
application mockup
business and marketing
charts and graphics
time and planning
process and flow
product showcases
maps and flag of Asia
break slides

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08.2016: Released Monday PowerPoint Template (new 500 Clean and Modern Slides)


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