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Pad Pro 3D Render Mockup (Displays)


Prepared for easy customizing mock-up of iPad Pro tablet with 3 switchable extra displays. Top view.

– iPad Pro screen size – 2048×2732px

– Each extra display size – 2048×2732px

– 3 switchable body colors for iPad Pro (space gray, gold, silver)

– On/off screen reflection for iPad Pro display and extra dispays

– 2 movable apple pencils

– On/off shadows for each object in the scene (description for this option is not included)

– Every object is movable

– 4 image backgrounds included in the file

– 4 texture backgrounds included in the file

– Easy changeable background color

– Several pre-defined color effects are included

– On/off light leaks effect

– Each layer/group is named very clear

– Detailed instructions are included in the PSD file – just enable them


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