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Pixel Castle Game Assets (Tilesets)


Pixel Art Castle Assets contains: PNG and PSD Files

2 Tilemaps for decorations! 32×32 pixels for background items and 16×16 pixels for other

Several game backgrounds

– Nearly 100 png files

Animated Character – Brave Knight (idle, run, jump, fall)

– Two animated enemies (spider and funny bird)

Several animated objects (candles, chandelier, coin)

– Special effect that can be used as an animation of death

– You can find all objects in two variants: in tilemaps and just in PNG files

Example of videogame you can create (click to watch):

Support included – I will answer to all the questions about game objects

– if you have any questions please contact [email protected]

– Here are the list of all the objects:

moon – black sky – blue sky – chains – blue clouds – grey clouds – three kinds of spikes – two different kinds of underground (dark and light, three tiles for each) – two kinds of walls (dark and light, two tiles for each) – three kinds of floor – dark grille with skull on it (6 tiles for this object) – window – chandelier (animated, four sprites) – candle (animated, four sprites) – chests – coin (animated, four sprites) – special effect for exposing (4 sprites) – platform (two kinds) – box (two kinds, small and big) – red flag (six tiles for it) – wooden beam (two kinds for it) – vertical stairs) – background decoration items – ruined walls – blocks, covered with carpets (two kinds for it) – background pillars (three tiles for it) – sword –object for light – UI elements (<you win>, <you are dead>, buttons: play, pause, sound on, sound off, music on, music off, facebook, twitter, restart, question), – brave knight (animated, 15 sprites) – two animated enemies (funny bird, spider).


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