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Platformer – Forest Tile Set Pixel Art (Tilesets)


Pixel art tile set for a jungle/forest themed platformer.

– Each pixel carefully places
– All tiles align perfectly to eachother
– Golden & Iron chest sprite included
– Ladders that can overlap on any tile
– Single-tile wide platforms possible
– Transparent background


– all tiles as separate files in 1x and 2x size (png)
– all tiles in a spritesheet in 1x and 2x size (png)
– preview jpg of a finished level
– layered PSD file containing the level displayed in the preview image

You can easily use either the separate tiles or the spritesheet in any game engine or editor you like! Also contains the source .pyxel file for Pyxel Edit (http://pyxeledit.com/). However, you don’t need this program to use or modify the tileset. All PNGs can be manipulated in Photoshop or any other program.


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