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RS Smartwatch Mockup (Displays)


RS Smartwatch Mockup is a collection of PSD Photoshop smartwatch mockups for app promotion and making illustrations, hero header images.

Watch with great design and sport band with color change offer excellent opportunities for the promotion of your apps for smartwatches.

We tried to add mockups from different angles, so that the product was suitable for the promotion of all apps, but also create animated slideshows for your website, or even video clips.

The package includes two smartwatches on wrist, two on table with close perspective, and two on the table from the top and isometric perspective.

All layers is separated, so that you can, for example, turn off layers with the buttons on the smart watch, reflection or band. A special layer allows you to change the color of the band on the watch. This is very useful in order to design your applications disagreed with band color .

PSD file, mockup 5 and 6 contain the smart phone and tablet. So you can promote and applications that are connected between the two – three devices.

You can turn on and off the hand that touches (showing hand) the display to make scene so interesting.

On the mockup 5 and 6 there are additional objects (10) that can be moved and rotated on the table to create the desired scene.

High resolution od file allows you to crop only part of the scene, and that the product retains superior sharpness. You can also zoom out scene to better see the whole hand. It depends on your needs.

The file also contains 4 background images and 4 table textures. You can also add your own.

And finally when you make the desired scene, you can apply a 21 filters, vignette, ambient light, gradient…

What you can do

– Turn on-off and move showing hand
– Some mockups contain woman and man hands
– Change color of device and light reflection
– Put your background
– Full layered and easy to use for video or layer slider

RS Smartwatch Mockup Features

– Size 4500×3000 px, 300dpi
– RGB color
– 6 mockups
– Device color change
– Turn on or off showing hand
– Man and woman hand
– 4 background images
– 4 table textures
– 10 items
– 21 prepared effect
– Full layered

Please contact me for support, and special requirements.


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