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Space Jam Space Shooter Complete Pack (Game Kits)


This pack includes :
– 20 spacecraft
– 6 explosion types
– Over 20 planets
– Over 10 asteriods
– 15 thruster types
– Laser and Fire shoots
– Machine gun shoots
– Spaceship shields
– Various beacons
– Each explosion frame is rendered in two file sizes ( 256 X 256, 512 X 512 )
– The 256×256 frames are also delivered in whole spreadsheet with 2048 X 1280 pixels in size
All files are PSD, and 32 bits transparent PNG .

The GUI Pack Includes :
– Level Select, Level Cleared, Level Failed, Level Paused and Warning Screens
– Also contains Shop, Achievements, and Game Settings screens + a multitude of Menus
– This pack also includes a wide variety of panels and buttons

Includes all main 25 PSD files + secondary psd files and png base files.
Highly Customizable.

Fonts used:
Molot Regular
Xirod Regular
Ethnocentric Regular
Tycho Regular

Thank you!


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