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Survival Icons (Miscellaneous)


The pack include 50 survival icons with 3 sizes: 256×256 pixels, 128×128 pixels and 64×64 pixels in png transparent format.

Included icons:
Aid kit, apple green, apple red, axe, backpack, baseball bat, baseball bat with nails, battery, beverage can, binoculars, boots, boots leather, candle, canned tuna, cap black, cap blue, cap red, cargo pants blue, cargo pants green, cargo pants red, chainsaw, chocolate bar, coins, compass, crowbar, flashlight, fuel can, gloves, gloves leather, grenade, handy, jacket black, jacket blue, jacket green, jacket red, lantern, matches, molotov, money, pistol, pistol ammo, pocket knife, respirator mask, rope, shotgun, shotgun shell box, shovel, sunglasses, water bottle, wrench.


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