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Sweets Thief. Brick Breaking Game Kit (Game Kits)


What you will get?
High-quality vector-styled Game Kit in Brick Breaking ganre.

7 pre-made screens:
Main Menu with editable text.
Options, Seasons, Level Select, Paused Screen, Level Complete, Level failed.
3 Ingame Backgrounds with different locations:
Room, Denim Pocket, Picnic and three types of Obstacles for each of them (wooden shelf, zipper, bricks).
8 Sweet Bricks with animation of destroying for each.

Spritesheet of Bouncy Jelly – Platform (for Thief jumping).

Spritesheets of the Sweets Thief Idle and transformation into a ball .

Set of Buffs (Increase size of platform, x2 balls, shooting mode) and Debuffs (Increase the ball’s speed, decrease size of platform, destroying of platform).

Chocolate Borders of the game field.

11 Icons and Pressed Icons

Status Bar, Progress Bar.



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