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The Simple Template (PowerPoint Templates)


Simple to install. Simple to use. Simple to edit. Simple to understand. So you can focus on what really matters the most: your content.

We’ve been working for years designing presentations and templates for our clients, and with time we understood what they really really use and want. So that’s why we decided to create a simple yet modern template that you can use too, but without all the unnecessary hassle. Because, let’s be honest, why do you need 500 slides?

With this simple template, what we want you to do is to focus on your content, on your ideas, on how to visualize them so your message resonates with your audience. Because you really don’t need crazy animations, extra fonts, fancy backgrounds or a collection of 2,000 icons from where you have to choose only 4! You don’t have time for that, and we know it! So stop doing the things that don’t matter, and focus instead on what’s really important.

Everything else will be just fine.


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