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Treasure Chests Animation Pack


Author: melanittaPrice: $10.00

It is pack of 3 models of chests in 2 different styles with coins, bars and gems. Each chest has 8 frame animation and editable layers to create your own chests in casual, hand drawn style for your mobile/web/video game, illustration, icon.

All Chests have about 512px * 512px resolution and ready for animation.
Each file has layer to quick edit coins sign and colors.

This pack includes:

  • 18 Chests in PSD: 3 different models, 2 styles (modern, fantasy), 3 treasures (coins, bars, gems);
  • Each PSD file contains 8 frame animation of falling and opening;
  • Each PSD file has editable sign for coins, editable colors for main and second materials and treasures;
  • 144 Premade PNG files for each chests animation
  • It is also possible to fix some features or to sell new GUI and theme designs. If you are interested, please contact me individually.

    Homepage : http://mkeystudio.com/
    Email: [email protected]


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