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Vector Game Characters Sprites Bundle (Sprites)


40 vector game characters with sprites, animated side view and front view for any platformer game. Perfect for sidescroller, flying game, turbo game, adventure and more top rated game

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Create your own game with these cartoon characters bundle pack! Contains 20 Cute Cartoon Characters with Front view and Side view version, 10 Cute Car Vehicles and 10 Cute Flying Characters.

Game sprites are delivered in separated PNG files for each characters, which makes it very easy for you to insert it into any game builder.

All game assets are high quality and 100% vector graphics , you can customize them at AI Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It also contains SPINE Project files, to let you create your own custom animations with ease.

This is for all game developers, beginner or expert. You can develop a game in any game engine, such as Game Maker, Unity, Gamesalad, Stencyl, Construct, Buildbox, RPG Maker, Marmalade and more game development code.

You are only allowed to release ONE game per License. The Standard License means your game must be Free but it can contain IAP – In App Purchases and the Extended License is if you intend to charge people for the game from the start.

You can of course publish the game on ANY number of platforms, like Steam, iOS – Iphone, Ipad, MAC App Store, Android mobile phones, android tablets, Amazon, Steam, PC, Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and more.

ALL game characters have been carefully created for the cartoon graphic design.

Buy this game bundle now and create the game you want.

For detailed info on all assets included in this pack, please see each category described below:

Included in the Main file

10 Cute Animated Cartoon Characters
Mesmerize your gamers with these cute creatures. Frontal and Side view sprites have been exported for animation move such as Idle, Hit, Jump and Walk.

Character Size: 487×527 px
Transparent PNG ( Fully Layered )
Animated GIF
AI Illustrator ( Vector )
Adobe Photoshop PSD

10 Animated Space Characters
Create a top rated game now with this vector cartoon space characters – Animated sprites; Frontal View – Hit, Idle, Jump and Side View – Hit, Idle, Jump, Walk ).

  • 3 Astronauts
  • 7 Aliens / Monsters

AI Illustrator
Spine Project Files
Transparent PNG ( Fully Layered )
Animated GIF
Adobe Photoshop PSD

10 Animated Flying Cute Characters
Flappy characters are so irresistible! – They’re so good looking for an eye-catching game. You can have them all flying or have a game match. Contains Dragons, Cute Creatures, Monsters and more.

AI Illustrator
Transparent PNG ( Fully Layered )
Animated GIF
Adobe Photoshop PSD

10 Animated Cute Turbo Vehicles
All assets have been exported into animated sequences with and without Visual Effects: Engine Start, Run, Turbo Run and Turbo Start that contains 31 sprites.

  • Blue Car
  • Cab Taxi
  • Police Car
  • Truck
  • Fire Truck
  • Pink Top Down Car
  • Orange Sports Car
  • Silver Sports Car
  • Retro Bus
  • Green Bus

AI Illustrator
Spine Project Files
Transparent PNG
Animated GIF
Adobe Photoshop PSD

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