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X Robot Shooter (Sprites)


Character Robot Shooter V1. The robot character build for side scroll shooter, but it is also possible to become run and gun. The robot character asset is build with vector software and animated with brushmonkey spriter pro. To edit the robot you can use adobe illustrator cs 4 or higher and if want to edit the animation you can use Spriter Pro. Also i add PNG files and Gif animated files without background. In this package there are 23 movement and 5 additional animation.

what you will get in the package

  • dash
  • die_1
  • die_2
  • effect_1
  • effect_2
  • effect_3
  • effect_4
  • effect_shoot_1
  • fall
  • fall get hit
  • fly
  • fly get hit
  • fly to fall
  • get hit
  • idle
  • idle to aim front
  • idle to aim top
  • idle to aim up
  • idle to dash
  • idle to fly
  • idle to slash
  • landing
  • shoot front
  • shoot top
  • shoot up
  • walk
  • walk to aim front
  • walk to aim up


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